2002-11-26 17:50:14 ET

here are some pix of the misfits show.. if you are looking at this and there are not 8 pix up yet, don't worry still adding them, they should be up tomorrow..but.. heres 2 for now..
Krystal and Clay with Jerry

Crimson Ghost!


2002-11-26 17:58:47 ET

YAY!! Looks like you had fun!

2002-11-27 05:24:32 ET

hell fizuckin yeah!

2002-12-02 12:23:59 ET

Oh yes SiS I did.. It was great!

2002-12-02 13:20:55 ET

Is it just me or is there something scary about a man about my age with a receding hairline and male pattern baldness in denial about his age by having a big devil lock? :\ (and I can say this cuz I'm 38...so I have the right! :P)

2002-12-02 16:41:06 ET

jerry only is great...end of story.

2002-12-05 07:54:22 ET

hehe... TeRRoR.. hes like my almost my dads age.. if not that then around my moms... 40's/50s... its funny..hes ALOT bigger in person!

2002-12-05 10:36:52 ET

Jerry is sweet, I have the funniest picture of him, he hates it so I don't think I should post it, but if I can find it in my many boxes of pictures I have a great pic of him holding little sis when she was a new born :)

2002-12-05 12:56:13 ET

haha, cool. find it. i would lik eto see.

2002-12-05 17:12:39 ET

OOOOOO oooo.. I want to see!!!!!!..He was a very nice guy.. and they played a good show..

2002-12-05 17:20:58 ET

*slaps head*
I ment CHRIS when HE was a new born, geez!!
I go through my photos every now and agin when I have some extra time and all, I just put a post it note up telling me to find that pic and post it ;)

2002-12-05 17:28:10 ET

cool! I'd really love to see it. AJ told me that when we have kids we have to get thier picture taken with Jerry...
oooo I really want to see your pictures..

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