2002-05-18 04:50:45 ET

Man, can't anyone leave me sleep in this house. Mom wakes me up this morning.. " Your GreatGram is dying wanna go to the nursing home and see her before she goes".... me-"No mom, I told you that last night, I don't want to see anyone dying, plus you know I'm afraid of Nursing homes"...... mom- " Oh forgot" me- "Ok mom, let me sleep".... then about 20 mins later " NiCole, when I get home your going to help me clean" me-" I am?" .... mom-"Yes, you are"...me-" Hahaha, yeah right. I have plans today, I'm staying at Krystals".. mom-" no your not, I told you when your dad gets home from work tomorrow we're doing something as a family"....me- " Mom, I already told you I'm not doing that either! Damn, you know hes just going to find something to yell and argue with me about and I don't feel like dealing with it! I'm not going!" .....mom-"Well you're not going to Krystals ither"...me- "yes I am....Cause 1. I'm not going with you guys tomorrow, no use in me being here, 2. all the cleaning Imma do is clean my room which won't take long, so another reason not to be here..I'm going and you can't do anything!!"......mom-" your not going and thats final!"...me- ok, we'll just see"..... So you guys will see later if I went or not, and how much you wanna bet I do???... :D ....I go and I stay, I come home , and they act like assholes towards me, which they always do!...Well update ya later! Luv ya all!........Cheeers!

2002-05-18 13:43:47 ET

damn parents. damn them to parental hell.

2002-05-18 17:53:26 ET

Damn straight!...damn damn damn damn damn them to the biggest damnation you could ever damn some one, damn the the damned and send them to damn parental hell!!

2002-05-18 18:06:55 ET


2002-05-18 18:07:24 ET

p.s. matisse itc kicks ass.

2002-05-18 18:11:19 ET


2002-05-18 18:11:38 ET

its the closest thing to a misfits font

2002-05-18 18:14:56 ET

it's also the closest thing to JtHM font.

2002-05-18 18:19:18 ET


2002-05-18 18:22:40 ET

JTHM, you know....Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?

2002-05-18 18:25:06 ET

No, I don't know

2002-05-18 18:26:17 ET

oh. well do you know what invader Zim is?

because Jhonen (the creator of zim) has a comic called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and it is neat-o.

2002-05-18 18:30:51 ET

Yes...all I know that Jhonen has is Lenore The Adventure of a Cute Little Dead Girl.

2002-05-18 18:32:01 ET

that isnt Jhonen's that is Roman Dirge's

2002-05-18 18:33:37 ET

damnit....I get them all confused...but didn't he help with invader zim??

2002-05-18 18:36:19 ET

yeah he did.....grr, cant remember what he did, tho.

but anyway its a cool comic.

2002-05-18 18:39:34 ET

yeah..he I g2g...mom is making me get offline.....talk tomorrow...if you have yahoo or msn add me
MSN: punk_angel9@hotmail.com
Yahoo: punk_kitten_x

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