::give up::
2002-12-05 08:03:11 ET

thats it.. I'm done!
Last night my b/f told me Krystal took a bunch of pills and threw up awhile later.. I'm fuckin done.. I can't tell her what I haven't told her 50 million times before.. I'm sikc of hearing her saying shes going to take all her pills.. I'm sick of her doing it (3rd time by the way)... I'm done! ... I tried to be a good friend and help her, but I can't deal with it right now..its causing me to go insane and become depressed because I feel I'm failing as a friend.. so I'm done.. until she gets her shit together and stops acting like a brat.. I'm not talking to her or going to visit her in Hyndman... I want to tell her mom..but then Krystal will get mad.. so if I don't see her maybe she'll see that what she does effects everyone else too....and shes bring me down, Clay down and Brian done.. and I can't deal with it right now.. I just can't.. I can't deal with my own problems..let alone somebody else's...

2002-12-05 08:10:32 ET

tell her mom, she may hate you for it but she'll also not kill herself on the shit..... its the only logical thing to do.

2002-12-05 08:17:14 ET

....tell her mom.. he mom tell the psychiatrist... psychiatrist puts her in the hospital (institution)... cause and effect..

2002-12-05 08:17:47 ET

well its better than her dying is it not?

2002-12-05 08:18:21 ET

I didnt tell bens dad he was on heroin because then ben would be living on the streets of Lebanon NH in the middle of winter..... any other situation I would have..

2002-12-05 08:19:13 ET

.....she hasen't taken enough to kill her.. I don't give a shit anymore.. I told her how I feel when she does it.. how I feel when I can't go anything... and she dont seem to care.. so I don't care anymore.. I'm through with it..

2002-12-05 08:21:21 ET

Well its up to you I cant make descisions for you babygirl...

2002-12-05 08:34:42 ET

I know.. well I'm going to go to bed.. I have a headache..

2002-12-06 07:11:21 ET

awww poor nicole...you're such an awesome friend...i hope that everything works out!!

i miss ya babe!! but i be in mississippi at my boys house right now :) only today and tomorrow..than we head are separt ways..me in CA and him in DC ::sigh::

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