2002-12-24 13:08:30 ET

Its x-mas eve and
has been drunk since 9am and my brother
is being a selfish fuckin prick like always. My
is cooking food cause were are having and x-mas eve party, shes ok..and
well my christmas spirit has been fuckin ruined. Right now I say " Fuck christmas!". I hate is anymore because this is how its been for the past 5 years and it fuckin sucks. I wish it was fuckin done and over with.
The only thing that made me really happy happened yesterday. I went to AJ's for awhile and then at 8 I gave his mom, dad, lil bro, and grandma my gifts from me and they liked them alot! It made me happy. And then they gave me mine.. and I liked them alot. I miss my AJ :(...
So there was my thoughts. Yeah, Christmas sucks.
So merry fuckin christmas!
(ps: this is the doll AJ got me)

2002-12-24 15:43:33 ET

awwww im sorry hun

2002-12-24 16:14:08 ET

its gotten alittle better.....being on the rag and sleep deprived makes me cranky so maybe thats why I'm bothered....who knows.

2002-12-24 16:20:26 ET

maybe, i finally got off of my rag after fucking 9 days.

2002-12-24 16:24:31 ET

haha.. imagine the spotting thing..alittle bit..then none here alittle bit there..then none then alittle here..then none etc etc..for 2 fuckin months!

2002-12-24 16:26:47 ET

arg. that would suck ass...mine lasted almost a month once..i was like wtf?? than one time..i didnt get my period for 2 months and i didnt have sex or nothing.

2002-12-24 17:07:43 ET

hmm...its odd being a girl...
like my dolly?

2002-12-24 17:10:21 ET

yes, its cute :)

2002-12-24 17:13:54 ET

yes! I love her! her name is Twisted Tatum

2002-12-24 17:59:48 ET

Thats a cool doll, I got one from my Lovie. <3<3<3<3

2002-12-24 18:04:20 ET

Awesome. My b/f has her older sister..the first edition..Jaded Jenny

2002-12-24 18:05:41 ET

Wow, thats super cool. I want it.

2002-12-24 18:08:55 ET

hehe..yea..everyone does... :D

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