2002-12-25 06:04:42 ET

it started snowing around 5 or so yesterday..and this is what it looks like today...

it was a white shitty christmas in mt.savage today.
heres a picture of me today..yes I have a smile..but i wasen't happy..

2002-12-25 06:46:09 ET

ill put my pictures up later on :)

2002-12-25 10:52:07 ET

i seen them..they are neat. You'll probably see some pix of me and AJ when he comes to my house. Its my brothers digi cam...but my parents make him let me use it..

2002-12-25 12:15:21 ET

thats so cool!

2002-12-25 13:14:28 ET

yea hehe..

2002-12-27 06:10:35 ET

you should be happy. i'll give you a bunch of candy and stuff.

2002-12-27 12:13:53 ET

ooo..candy not good.. think I have a cavity developing... I collect buttons! (hint hint)

2002-12-27 14:39:19 ET

haha, yea. all these chocolate covered cherries are makin me sick. i though i finally found a way to get rid of them... i dont have any buttons...well...buttons that arent in use..

2002-12-27 16:50:56 ET

:( damn...Just keep that in mind....
My 18th b-day is coming up soon.....May... ;) ;)

2002-12-27 16:57:13 ET

i will. i need to write you a letter...

2002-12-27 17:02:02 ET do..

2002-12-27 17:12:07 ET

and i will!

2002-12-28 17:42:11 ET


2002-12-29 05:49:00 ET

...just give me a little time cause i'm stupid and slow.

2002-12-29 12:12:23 ET

haha..ok. Can do.

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