this is true...
2002-12-25 18:51:49 ET

2002-12-25 18:56:05 ET

I rarely listen to what doctors have to say. They are quick to prescribe/announce 'solutions', and I have found that most of the time they are inaccurate and downright INCORRECT.

2002-12-25 19:43:30 ET

fuck the doctors.i dont fucking trust keiser any more than i trust a drunk friend with a hand gun.
plus i think add /adhd is just a mass comspiracy to push
fake drugs on the rich kids and make mass profffffffit$$$$$$$$$$
off of nothing more than color coated asprin.mmmm cat meat

2002-12-26 03:11:12 ET


2002-12-26 07:14:16 ET

Syko= I know what you mean. When I was little they thought I had it and put me on ritilan for a year or 2 ,but my mom didn't like the effects and took me off of it. Then about 4 years ago they made me take all of these wierd test..and if I can scan the report I'll let you read it.. It was wierd. Then my mom took me to the health department and the pyschiatrist seen me for about three months once a week and reviewed my school history from elementry school. So she told my mom about the ADHD and told her their was meds for it that was better than ritilian..and my mom agreed to trial it. And that was this year. And I have 4 A's a B a C a F and a report card I've ever had since 3rd grade. Sad, but true. I'm more focused and persistant on my meds. When I don't take it, I can tell a big difference.

Acasualtie= I know what you mean about the whole ADD/ADHD situation, but see my doctor said alot of psychiartist that do that see the kid twice and give em a few test and the kid could have one sign and the DR. will diagnos them with either or and put them on meds. before trying alturnatives first. And its wierd when a Dr. is telling you that. See my parents tried everything they could to get me to do better in school, but I just couldn't pay attention. I was hyper as fuck and always talking and couldn't stay content with one thing for too long.

A kid in my class asked me to come to school without it one day.. and I was like " No, you really don't want me to do that" after him bugging me for a week I did. And I was like this big, figity spaz. I told him that wasen't even half as bad as I can get sometimes. And he was like " I wish I never asked you to do that...your so hyper and annoying"

2002-12-26 07:15:22 ET

haha..when I do take it.. I try to talk super fast..and produce alot of saliva and from talking so fast and not trying to swallow.. sometimes I'll drool or somehting..its crazy..

2002-12-27 13:13:34 ET

So what med are you on now?

2002-12-27 16:51:54 ET

Adderall XR

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