2002-12-27 12:16:32 ET

Today was really boring..
I painted another picture today. I was really bored and felt like painting... I'm so messy looking right now. I'm super bored.. no ones home and no ones on my messangers to talk to. My brother went to the mall and took his camera with him so I have nothing to play with and nothing is on TV. I can't clean my room, cause its already clean..did it yesterday.. Oh my... I think I might DIE of boredness....

2002-12-27 13:05:11 ET

**gives you beer to cure bordness**

2002-12-27 15:00:32 ET

no dont die!! cuz i have to come visit you.

2002-12-27 16:49:28 ET

Aaron = thanx..I wish I had some 99 bananas...mmm..oh well..

Cyndi= Ok I wont... You MUST come see me soon. I talked to mom and she said just let her know a week ahead of time.

2002-12-27 18:29:10 ET

painting! i wish i could paint. *sigh*


2002-12-28 03:32:12 ET

sounds like a plan.

2002-12-28 17:44:10 ET

okies than..

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