too much...
2002-05-23 15:40:51 ET

Oh my gosh! I feel like I'm going to puke. I only ate 2 pieces of pizza. Jesus! Well I havent been on for 2 days...soo umm yeah.. went out with my friends Karah and Andy. Andy is this awesome goth kid. I love Andy. I hump his leg he humps mine. Karah looks like a preppy chick sometiomes, but is far from that. She is this cute, wierd , humper ...ooops..I ment hyper,exaugsting,exhilerating , chick. I love Karah too. Karah and Andy are an "item". Andy humped me yesterday, like hump hump, no leg was awkward. I smacked him. Oh well. Andy wears make-up and looks really sexy in his balck eyeliner and morbid white foundation. AJ needs to call him. I really miss him. I think I'm spending my whole weekend in Hyndman. Seniors left today :(.. Almost all my friends were seniors, not what am I going to do with out them. How am I suppose to terrorize the little children without Sarah ???... The dubbed me the new stuff. So I have to finds 2 more stuffs. Well... Clay is talking to me. I loves Clay. Oh my god...what am I going to do without Clay???? Oh my too many emotions.... ( lays on the floor in fetal positsion...and says " make it stop make it stop!!!MAKE IT GO AWAY!!! LEAVE ME ALONE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" )......oh well..that was my last couple of days......Any one wanna have sex with me?

2002-05-23 15:52:33 ET

can YOU read your site? because I sure can't.

2002-05-23 15:55:24 ET

Yes, I can read it, but if you want me too I can change it...hold on

2002-05-23 15:56:56 ET

oh wow. thats neat. no more dizziness/nausea, yay!

2002-05-23 15:59:12 ET

no problem... I really liked the misfits font went with my whole backgroud and shit..but ohwell..I want people to read this with out turning dyslexic.

2002-05-23 16:07:44 ET

the thought of you having sex with that man

2002-05-23 16:18:33 ET

Having sex with what man???

2002-05-23 16:29:56 ET

me. hah

2002-05-23 19:59:37 ET

sounds like a fun couple of days.

2002-05-24 12:20:32 ET

oh yes..and they just keep getting better...not!

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