I needa fuckin die!
2002-05-24 12:19:23 ET

I got a phone call today after school, it was my sister(half sis) she wants nothing to do with me any more...she also sent me an e-mail, which is very harsh...and this is what it was.....Nicole:
I received a phone call today that I was not very happy with....not happy at all. I think you already know what it was about...How dare you contact my brother....what were you thinking!!!! I told you before that he did not want anything to do with you or your family. He thinks that you took his address off of a forward in which you had received from me...I swore up and down that there was no way you would have done something like that, but after checking my e-mails I guess I was wrong. So now thanks to you and your selfish antics MY BROTHER...NOT YOURS...is not speaking to me. I hope you have accomplished what you had set out to do. I told you to leave the situation alone and you did not...Upon doing so you have hurt many other people. I told you I would be there for you, but I will not. I told you I would help you if you ever needed it, but I refuse. I felt sorry for you and the situation in which you were in, but I am now realizing that most of it you bring on yourself. In your little quest to try to get in touch with and meet my brother you have not only made yourself out to seem like a stalker when it comes to him you have also lost all trust and any kind of relationship you had with me. I do not want anything to do with you and your family. I cannot speak for Wendy, but, MYSELF, CATHY & ED....WE ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY!!! Please do not call me, do not e-mail, and do not ever even speak of me or my brother or anyone else in my family for that matter. Call me what ever you want and think what ever you want, but you did this to yourself...all you and noone else.
I hope your little e-mail was really worth it. Don't ever try to contact any one of us again...not you or anyone in your family otherwise it will be considered harassment now that I have asked/told you never to contact us again.
Thanks Sarah

Alittle harsh? what do you think? I'm soo upset, I've been bawling my fuckin eyes out for the past 3 hours...my eyes hurt now..I feel like my heart has been ripped out for the 66th millionth time in my life...please commment on this...

2002-05-24 12:38:25 ET


all i can say is im sorry. just cuz i dont know the whole story to that little situation.

2002-05-24 12:43:02 ET

dude Im sorry thats sucks so much ...as junkie gal said I dont know the whole situation but it really sucks and Im sorry.

2002-05-24 12:48:05 ET

all that happened is these har my half sis and bro. and I've met 2 of my sisters...and my brother never really talked to me, and I wanted to know him, so I wrote him a harmless,heartfelt e-mail on how I wanted to meet him sometime in my life,and told him just because he had some long going grudge on my dad about something that happened before my brother(full younger brother) or I were even born, she didn't have to ignore us..and so because of that hes not talking to Sarah and now she called me flipped out on me and said that she wants nothing to do with me ever agian..

2002-05-24 12:50:44 ET

thats stupid....you should be pissed....i hate people like that..just because they have a grudge on someone in your family that they dont talk to you...shit how can you help it..

2002-05-24 13:17:04 ET

i'm sorry nicole and that is greatly unfair.
again, i am not sure what to say...
but i am honestly sorry/upset that this would be the result of you only trying to mend old wounds and broken bridges in your family.
it should never have to be this way.

2002-05-24 18:23:47 ET

Well, I found out then when I try for something I think is right, I screw-up everything, and when I get close, I get hurt bad, this is the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. It feels like my heart was ripped out..

2002-05-24 20:42:11 ET

my family are a bunch of concieted inconsiderated,unsympathetic,selfish assholes...thats what i've some to the conclusion of.

2002-05-25 03:02:10 ET

no one should go through that much pain..im sooo sorry.

2002-05-27 07:55:39 ET

Yeah, I know. Oh well, I went to Hyndman this weekend and spent time with my best friend and my boifriend (Krystal and AJ) and they cheered me up and made me happy.

2002-05-27 12:00:48 ET

thats good =) something you needed.

2002-05-27 15:40:15 ET

Yes. My boifriend molested me.... I don't think I can wear a skirt around him anymore, every 2 seconds she was lifting it up or putting his hands up it.

2002-05-27 17:16:41 ET

she seems like a BITCH!

2002-05-27 19:48:37 ET

thats not nice.

2002-05-28 05:29:08 ET

i was talking about the person that sent her the email. now that was mean.

2002-05-28 09:46:30 ET

Yeah, I know that now. AJ told me I should go club her for it.the bad thing is, people say I look exactly like her( minus the punk) when she was my age.

2002-05-28 14:34:32 ET

hahaha i was talking about her bf not being nice when she said he was trying to molest her cuz she was wearing a skirt.

2002-05-28 14:49:12 ET


2002-05-28 15:16:44 ET

hehe..the only reason it was bad, was because it was like he was teasing me cause we didn't have enough time to have sex.

2002-05-28 15:23:12 ET

oh that sucks.

2002-05-28 15:25:57 ET

yeah, hes such a tease, tease mofo!

2002-05-28 15:27:16 ET

I meaning...teasing mofo!...haha mofo..

2002-05-28 20:03:53 ET

hahhah nice one

2002-05-29 16:50:43 ET


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