2002-05-28 10:06:22 ET

Well,all and all I had a pretty good weekend, except for my sisters stupid selfish shit. But other than that, it was rockin'. I went to Krystals saturday and stayed til monday after noon. I got ot see AJ alot and once agian we had loads of sex. We are really horny kids. Jeeze!. Hung out at Butterfields. (Myke but we call him by his last name). Hes my cousin, we've knowen each other for awhile now, but just last month figured out we were related ( I had a crush on him for 3 years back in the day when I was like 11, makes me sick now, but I'm not and imbreed! I swear!). Wierd, its a small world. But anyway. Krystal got a baby bunnie, its cute! her name is Helena. AJ kept playing with my skirt and lifting it up when I was at his house. He kept putting his hands up there. Boys! I tell ya!

Today I'm home sick, I went to school and I just felt like crap so I told the nurse " I wanna go home now bitch!"..not really, but thats what I wanted to say...and she called my mom and my dad came to pick me up. So I'm home chilin with my pops and we're watchin Spy games, cool movie, and the mail man comes. My return sticker finally came in. I can return my bondage belt for a bigger one! So here I am, on the internet, being bored, as usual, cause everyones on school.*sighs* But I'm feeling a bit better now, my insides don't really hurt anymore, just my brain. But i'll live!...

2002-06-04 09:38:26 ET

wow thats a long journal entry. ah man, that'd be crazy to find out that someone u knew was related to you. bunnies are cute, we have a few in our backyard from the field nearby.

2002-06-04 10:36:27 ET

Yeah, very crazy. Bunnies are neat, but my ducks are better!

2002-06-04 17:34:37 ET

u have ducks? yes!@ my mom wont let me have ducks...then again i've never really asked. my dad lives on a farmish thing so he's got ponys and cows and shit. its no duck though

2002-06-05 12:33:43 ET

Ducks are cool. I have 3 one regular duck my b/f got me for easter, her name is Sydney and 2 mallard ducks names Agatha and Seth.

2002-06-05 17:24:45 ET

haha right on. do u have any other animals?

2002-06-05 17:26:38 ET

I have a Chawawa named Punxter and a CockerSpaniel named Moe (he had a mohawk when he was a puppy and still does, naturally like that). And thats it.

2002-06-05 17:28:12 ET

hehe i have a cockerspaniel too...his name is chester. and me and my boyfriend bought a kitten named lucky

2002-06-05 17:31:03 ET


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