I'm bored.
2002-05-28 10:09:45 ET

if you have any of the following messangers and you are either bored, or wanna talk to someone crazy and interesting, talk to me!

Yahoo messager= punk_kitten_x
MSN Messanger= punk_angel9@hotmail.com

2002-05-29 18:55:34 ET

i dont have either.

2002-05-30 02:35:00 ET

you poor grrrl. You should get them then. Do you have AOL?

2002-05-30 05:47:05 ET

yea i have AIM

2002-05-31 18:18:01 ET

Cool, well sometimes I get on ther..its... RancidPunkKitten

2002-05-31 22:47:55 ET

okies i added you..mines...kerplunkeee

2002-06-01 05:41:14 ET


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