I gots me a job!!!
2002-05-31 19:09:48 ET

Hooray for NiCole!! She went out and got herself a fuckin job!!
Yes that is true lazy, procrastinating late me got myself a job. Its just because I want a care. I'm a telemarketer, except we do fundraisers for the Childrens Cancer stuff and things like that. But people are such assholes. I have a little sercret to tell you IF YOU GET A TELMARKETER AND YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO CALL YOU ANYMORE, PICK UP THE PHONE AND LISTEN FOR A SECOND AND SAY " I'M NOT INTERESTED AND I'M LIKE IT IF YOU TAKE ME OFF OF YOU LIST" IT WORKS, SO DO THAT INSTEAD OF HANGING UP OR NOT ANSWERING AT ALL!!!
So please do yourself and the poor person on the phone that is only doing thier job a favor and say that. Thank you!But yeah, anywhoo, I make 8 bux a fuckin hour man, and I work likew 35 to 40 hours a week......yay! for NiCole once agian. So yeah, if I don't update this alot and ya'all are missin me and shit, its beause I'm working and I'm sorry for that!! Iloves ya'all. Cheers!

2002-05-31 19:25:47 ET

Telemarkets are very annoying. I usually try to engange phone sex with the telemarkets that call. That usually gets them to stop calling my place.

2002-06-01 05:23:04 ET

i used to be a telemarketer... it was the most depressing job ever. BUT, i made $11 an hour :)

2002-06-01 05:44:28 ET

Awesome, yeah I annoy people for a living, its fun!

2002-06-02 16:34:18 ET

yay for nicole!

i got myslef a job interview.

2002-06-02 16:46:51 ET

Yay! you did? thats GRRRRRRRRRR EAT!

2002-06-05 17:33:37 ET

ah man? a telemarketer?? sweet deal! 8 bucks an hour is great. soon u'll be racking in the bling bling!

2002-06-06 05:34:26 ET

my frist day of work was yesterday. it sucked cuz it was soo fucking hot in the store i was going to melt.

2002-06-06 09:27:58 ET

where do u work now?

2002-06-06 15:20:08 ET

I'm quitting my job. Fuckin bastards rip off charities.

2002-06-06 18:04:51 ET

how so?

2002-06-07 02:26:24 ET

ah, let me in on the little secret!

2002-06-07 03:05:05 ET

Well we tell the people donating that 100% of their donation goes to the Chairity. Well it doesn't. Only a whole big whooping 10% actully goes to them, 90% goes to my work. And I feel too guilty.Especially when it comes to The Childerns Cancer Assistance Network. I feel like a reallly horrible horrible person.

2002-06-07 05:37:11 ET

that is horrible...those damn bastards...i wonder if places like that can get in trouble of false statments...hummm

2002-06-07 08:05:50 ET

I dunno....

2002-06-07 09:48:18 ET

every place does that, so little percent that people donate actually goes to the people who its suspossed to go to. its corrupt, but thats the way it works. dont feel too bad, i mean u didn;t know about it, and its not like it was ur idea to donate so little. its them.

2002-06-08 18:20:14 ET

I know.

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