Today fuckin sucked
2002-06-06 16:02:38 ET

Ok, I'll make this short.I found out I failed 11th grade, my great-grandma died,I couldn't see AJ, and I ran over a frog. It rained. Soo poopy day. On the bright side I pierced a chicks belly button. ( I sterilize all my needles and use alcohol shit and wear gloves(mostof the time with the gloves) SO I'm a safe one. I want to cry, but I can't, it sux. I really need to talk to AJ. I have to go to a funeral now, my mom is making me, and I can't handle them since my friend Johns , he killed himself, but she told me I could take AJ, so hopefully he will go with me.

2002-06-08 12:14:01 ET

thats really shitty. im sorry. =(

2002-06-08 18:11:25 ET


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