What a day What a day.......
2002-06-08 18:16:01 ET

Well yesterday, went to AJs and spent the night. It was great. I cherish all the time we spend together. Its so great. I never get to see him that long. He makes me soo happy. I love him sooo fuckin much! We had sex 4 times!..it was great. Came home today at 3:30pm.
On a unhappy note, I went to my great-grandmas funeral, but it weas cool, she looked soo good. A hell of alot better than what she did in the nursing home. She looked 20 yrs younger. But it was still sad. I met a bunch of realitives I've never met before. I just got home about an hour ago. I'm waiting for AJ. Can't wait much longer cause my eyes are getting vey heavy.

2002-06-14 07:46:43 ET

i think your title says it all...
: /

2002-06-14 17:54:33 ET


2002-06-15 20:21:14 ET

gah! i hate it when people are sexually active and i'm not! bah!! i want someone to at least cuddle with!!!!!

2002-06-16 06:03:07 ET

I wish we cuddled more afterwards. We use to. :( We make up on lost time. We only get to see each other about once a week.

2002-06-16 11:20:53 ET

i'm sorry :( you're still one lucky duck though!

2002-06-16 15:33:51 ET

Yeah. I'd say. We've managed to stay together for a year and 5 months now. I'm so happy cause he came to my house today!

2002-06-16 17:33:19 ET

hurrah! yay for love!

2002-06-17 06:01:52 ET

Haha. I don't know aboutit being love, but we do love each other, I just think he has a high tolorance for me and my little kids ways somethings.

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