2002-03-28 17:29:38 ET

2002-03-28 17:32:16 ET

metal steve has nice tits.

2002-03-28 18:27:11 ET

Red robot will soon have all of our orifices violated if we do not stop him soon.

2002-03-28 18:50:17 ET

can I be pre-approved

2002-03-28 19:19:43 ET

:: Pops in the battery to the screw driver... Drills a hole in his forehead. :: Whats my credit limit?

2002-03-28 19:48:58 ET

I have a picture ov you and your brother, go to my journal thing on the second gallery :: Evil laughing into the echoing night? :: Or they are making clones ov you and marketing them...

2002-03-29 12:11:37 ET

There's more than one?????????????

2002-04-20 17:47:10 ET

diesel sweeties rocks.

I am a rocker I rock out

2002-06-19 00:20:51 ET

does that fist have an expiration date?

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