OK I have not kept my promise.
2006-06-23 09:04:07 ET

I said I would update a fair bit but I haven't so I am trying to be a good girl now.

8 new c.d.'s:
1) Chasing the Ghost - Collide
2) Forever - Freezepop
3) Ultra Fancy Fresh - Freezepop
4) Floodland - Sisters of Mercy
4) Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers - JOJ
5) Witching Hour - Ladytron
6) Apopcalyptic Manifesto - Apop
7) Futureperfect - VNV Nation.

And loving each one.

I hope our house sells soon. It is tough cleaning the house everyday from top to bottom and waiting around for the phone to ring ^_^ OH I AM JUST EXCITED TO MOVE OUT OF HERE AND GO LIVE BY THE OCEAN!
Why is it though that after living in Cow Town for 5 years friendless and then in the last year making a lot of friends I have to move? I am not happy about saying goodbye to Lisa. Grr, *packs you in suitcase with some sushi*.

2006-06-23 11:14:39 ET

Aaaw, I'll miss you, but I'll come visit you, I love the island!

p.s. we should hang out soon.

2006-06-23 14:31:49 ET

Ohhh! <3 Freezepop. I think Freezepop Forever is by far their best album, but all their stuff is rather good.

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