2006-06-26 17:54:33 ET

I promised myself this year that I would go to a movie by myself. Going to a movie alone seems to be a pretty taboo thing with a lot of people but really now, going with a group of people is silly. I mean, you can't comment on the movie amoungst your friends in a theatre... unless you want to get death threats from the chumps behind you. Besides, I want to get sit in the back, cry if I want or laugh without worrying about if I am getting to emotional.

Yeah I am going to see The Lake House ^_^

2006-06-26 18:12:08 ET

i never really understood why going alone is so bad. is it as bad as going to a wedding alone?

2006-06-26 18:24:48 ET

aww let me know how the lake house turns out.

2006-06-26 20:08:14 ET

no it can be kick ass. have nothing tethering you to some emotional standard.

2006-06-26 20:26:50 ET

When are you going?

I watched Click last night by myself, but it wasn't the same.

Combat: I know how it turns out, I had to watch the ending!

2006-06-26 21:31:28 ET

I usually go to movies alone. I prefer it.

2006-06-27 03:58:33 ET

there was something to say about watching Freddy got fingered the last thursday it was out. me and my friend were the only 2 there. we spent most of the time jumping off the balcony.

2006-06-27 05:09:21 ET

movies alone is perfectly fine... you kind of actually get into it better since no one's there to ask you "what did they say?" or "what just happened? I missed it"

2006-06-27 05:40:14 ET

omg I hate that! 'ummmm.. were you not sitting here? the sound is deffening, and the only visual stimulus is the screan. how could you have missed it'

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