2004-12-27 14:49:27 ET

due to AT&T/CINGULAR being TOTAL FUCKTARDS and many of my pals telling me they have to dial a "1" before calling me... I now have a NEW #:

AT&T/CINGULAR are completely un-sympathetic and are total shit eating cock masters. They WILL NOT FWD my calls and WILL NOT tell ppl my new #.
THAT, and were ONLY willing to give me a LOUSY $25. credit for all of this "hassle."

The hassle being:
1. everyone that has called me has being dialing long distance to "ASTORIA Or."(*i signed up in Portland WTF??????!!!!!!)
2. I won't get all of my calls
3. i have to re-give my # to all my peeps AGAIN!!!!

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