2003-10-13 00:02:43 ET


2003-10-13 03:38:30 ET

I have to agree.. it was awesome! More blood than I've seen in a long time =D

2003-10-13 06:53:09 ET

more blood seen in a long while in a 'non-horror' flick.


2003-10-13 06:54:06 ET

dont it though. omg that anime sequence, beautiful.

+ classic tarantino perversion with the Buck thing

2003-10-13 08:26:06 ET

ill probably be a lame ass and wait till it comes out on video...im only ever in a theatre if im dragged there...

2003-10-13 10:59:31 ET

Have you ever seen the Shogun Assassin? It's this campy old 70s samurai movie that Kill Bill most definitely paid homage to. Lots of blood splatter goodness.

2003-10-13 11:07:03 ET

of course!'

2003-10-13 16:12:54 ET

Ogami Itto is such a badass.

2003-10-13 22:12:14 ET

though im more of kurosawa slut...samurai assassin does rule...
im not surprised quentin came out with this film...him being a real martial arts film fanatic, i was quite eagerly waiting for him to take on the genre...
the previews and the talk of lone wolf and cub has brought up another good samurai performance. the hunted (not that crap with tomy lee jones) had a great samurai played by yoshio (yoshido) harada...there is a mesmerizing train scene with him vs a bunch of ninjas...the end sucks, ie giving ninjas way too much credit...but since it was a western made film with an excellent japanese cast (john lone is in it too)...and set in modern times and harada working chiba on a film or two...it came up in memory.

2003-10-14 05:10:46 ET

i'm not sure if anyone here knows this or not, but Shogun Assasin is just cut p scenes from the BABYCART movies and packaged for American audiences....

2003-10-14 06:52:45 ET

i heard that somewhere...

2003-10-14 08:51:49 ET

Yeah. I have a few of the Baby Cart videos... I heard Animiga is supposed to release the series, re-mastered, on DVD soon. What about the Lone Wolf TV series? Now that is hard to find. Also, have you heard about the new movie?

2003-10-14 10:07:07 ET

i have the ENTIRE tv series on vcd...

the new movie is supposed to be another U.S. remake =LAME!

2003-10-14 10:28:28 ET

Damn yr hardcore...
The movie sounds like it has some potential, but I don't dig the fact that it is going to be "contemporized" - the time period is part of what makes the story so cool.

2003-10-14 20:42:51 ET

see above entry for contemporary failure of a samurai film...

2003-10-14 22:25:28 ET


2003-10-15 08:35:30 ET

the hunted...

2003-10-15 08:44:08 ET


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