pure shit.
2003-10-15 07:42:57 ET

the last 12 hrs have been both Heaven and Hell.

Letmme explain:
I get to the TCM screening and run into a 'one nighter' which makes me get all weird feeling.(*thank gawwwwd my bartender saw me and came over to save me from the social uncomforts! -thanks Heidi!)
Texas Chainsaw Remake = Good as a part 5...but a remake?
none of the grittyness.
After the movie i nearly got into a fight....
with a 350lb African american woman!
I actually *REALLY* wanted to smack the shit outta her.
As we we're comming out, we were talking about the movie and I see this African american woman, her friend and her 7? maybe 8y.o. boy come out of the theatre.....
I was Like
So I *LOUDLY* blurted out:
"What is far more worse and disgusting than a film like this are parents who 'MORALLY' don't get babysitters and expose their children to such violence!"
She flipped as only a Black woman could...head bopping finger a waving...weave a freakin.
I told her to 'Shut the Fuck up' and walked on....I sooooowanted to smack some sense into her!
Then I came home to some more irritating news from paypal and their fuck ups...
And then this morning, go to use my phone to find my ex(*who i share a plan w./) STILL has not paid her portion of the bill and now has gotten my service shut off!


2003-10-15 11:50:24 ET

a crazy 5000 lb black woman attacked me once when i told her nicely that she shouldnt punch her 5 year old in the face

2003-10-20 08:28:42 ET

Yeah...I liked TCM, but not as much as I thought I would. Though it rocked my socks...and I shall be seeing it over and over again.

2003-10-20 17:21:06 ET

i expected it to be a lot scarier

2003-10-20 17:21:40 ET

oh and by the way, on my way out of the movie i saw tons of kids under the age of ten. it is rather sad.

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