*well Loved*
2003-10-16 17:21:45 ET

Lookee what my baby got me!!!

an ALIEN Kubrick!!!

These are rare to get...
see...the boxes are unmarked to the one that is inside the box... a gamble.

She got'em!!!

Kazaa luvs me too(*not as much tho!)

i now have a DVD SCREENER of:


2003-10-16 17:27:11 ET

nice, i like giger art. what's an alien "kubrick"?

2003-10-16 17:36:23 ET

Kill Bill was like a pr0n flick to me. Just a little bit of story line then a lot of Sex...Um...I mean violence. I liked it but I want more of the story, guess I'll have to wait.

2003-10-16 17:39:11 ET

ALIEN = GIGER, R. Scott, S. Weaver...etc.

Kubrick = Japanese Toy company who does all sortsa cool toys (*mostly from movies, t.v., and Anime lines)
good stuff!

Look up "Kubrick figure(s)" on ebay!

2003-10-16 18:02:36 ET

i think i like your eyebrows. ehehe

2003-10-16 18:07:03 ET

SWEEEEET figure. i too am a fan of the brows, i dont think id ever seen them that clearly before, very desirable.

whats the filesize for that screener?

2003-10-16 18:15:24 ET

thanks all.


the filesize is about 185,000kb

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