entertainment??? Why, YES!!!?!
2003-10-18 22:56:12 ET

So a few weeks ago at the "bins"(thrift by the pound -wonderful eh?) I picked up this electic "blue" machine and thought it would make a GREAT casing for a project...


I figured out what it was after plugging it in and turning it on!

*a HIGH-POWERED air inflater!*

A toy for...say...Spiderman to go shooting up in the air....Sippee cups to do a mid-air dance....or.....

2003-10-18 23:18:55 ET

hehe.. that's too cute.

2003-10-18 23:28:31 ET

does the kid have a hawk?? that rocks...

2003-10-18 23:39:44 ET

yup..the boy rawks the hawk!!!

2003-10-19 01:47:39 ET

HAHAHA!!! That was so great, thanks for sharing! What a pair of troublemakers you guys are!

2003-10-19 02:09:33 ET

I would have stayed home from Flux too if i had that to play with.

2003-10-19 06:16:16 ET

you must bring that sort of madness and fun out to see me in Toronto!

2003-10-19 06:46:25 ET

no wonder you werent at flux...

2003-10-19 21:03:04 ET

picture #2 reminds me of EXPOITED! logo.

very cute

2003-10-19 21:06:52 ET

I agree vivisi.. and I'm actually wearing that shirt at the moment.. it does match... freaky

2003-10-20 08:18:18 ET

OMG that is the essences of pure cuteness(?) *lol*

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