best news!~
2003-10-20 08:09:34 ET

I was told last night by This guy that himself, his girlie, and their daughter are moving back to the NW!!!!

These are 2 of my most fav. peeps in the whole world so i am super stokked!!!




2003-10-20 08:11:08 ET

Oi...I LOOOVE Donnie Darko!!!!

2003-10-20 08:11:40 ET


2003-10-20 08:13:22 ET*looks at forehead to see if it is written there* DAMMIT, I thought I washed that off!!!!

2003-10-20 08:44:23 ET

can you believe it, karen has never seen DD.

i <3 that movie.

2003-10-20 08:51:26 ET

i can now die happy. now i dont have to wait till midnight to see it on a screen.

2003-10-20 15:26:36 ET

Excited as hell to be closer to you again. I look forward to many hours of Guiness drinking.

2003-10-22 01:34:49 ET

I've never seen it.
I downloaded it.
Just finished watching it.
It's 3:34am.
I'm going to watch it again.
Right now.

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