PEE - ACE between both worlds...
2003-10-24 10:02:37 ET

I love it when the MARVEL comic world and DC comic world can come together in "PEE-ACE" under one nation...


I soooooo love my boy!


2003-10-24 10:41:34 ET

Stan Lee would be proud!

2003-10-24 11:09:22 ET

man, i wish gabriel wouldnt be as embarrased as he is about his bodily functions..

he still hides in his room when he needs to poop.. the little weirdo :-/

2003-10-24 11:34:56 ET

hahah cute.
hasnt there been some sort of comics dedicated to the crossover of both industries?

that reminds me of a real disorder, in which someone is afraid to use the bathroom in public. i forgot what it was called

2003-10-24 12:04:13 ET

i think he just likes pooping in private.

2003-10-27 22:44:54 ET

thats the cutest thing ever

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