2003-10-25 21:10:46 ET

I can't fucking remeber when it was the last time i attended FLux...



2003-10-25 22:18:55 ET

what is flux?

2003-10-25 23:27:26 ET

dont heat is no where near downtown what would be the point...

2003-10-26 00:09:44 ET

Ya we missed you. next time.

2003-10-26 04:59:04 ET

ae you speaking of opur MAAAAANG of the turntables 'AMIGO BURN?!?!' -heh.

Hopefully "SOMETIME" Andy...

2003-10-26 07:52:17 ET

no of myself...but i dont think he was supposed to be there last night either...

2003-10-26 09:06:48 ET


see how easily i get confused:

1. The Latino Heat = Burn is of Latino Descent.

2. Burn is practically the only one who spins noise.
*reASON enuff to go*

2003-10-26 14:03:25 ET

true that...

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