mark your calendars!!!!
2003-10-29 19:29:15 ET


2003-10-29 19:57:14 ET

*drops dead*

must... see....

2003-10-29 20:33:41 ET

I can't wait that long

2003-10-29 20:56:02 ET

almost a whole fucking year...argh...

2003-10-29 21:19:27 ET

If they make a trailer does that mean that it has to happen?

2003-10-29 22:01:16 ET

it's a go!

movie posters(official ones) are on ebay and they are KILLER!

2003-10-30 01:18:43 ET


2003-10-30 06:03:53 ET

its been a go for awhile...the most difficult part of the whole thing was liscensing rights and what not...though that legal bs isnt as bad as terminator vs robocop...

2003-10-30 16:42:46 ET

they're both 20th century fox...

easy 'nuff

2003-11-11 18:41:40 ET

damn thats gonna own my facial region many times

except what a shitty trailer, i mean i know its not supposed to show much, but it was kind of boring even for what it was intended.

will be a good ass movie though. whoever wins we lose, they need a better phrase :D

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