2003-11-02 19:04:03 ET

I found a site that let's u d/l ASIAN movies using a 'Torrent' system(kinda like Kazaa but off of other board members/ppl who have the movie w./out pop-ups!)

...and OMFG! they have RARE shit


2003-11-02 19:13:04 ET

ok i dont really care but...YEEEEE HAWWWWW that rocks!

2003-11-02 19:15:09 ET

which torrent site is it?

a good one for tv / movies / pc games / roms is


2003-11-02 19:23:01 ET

the place is amazing.

I'm drooling hXc

2003-11-02 19:33:03 ET

rad thanks for the URL, im always looking for good torrent sites

2003-11-07 20:29:22 ET

torrent as in the prog where like the more people downloading the faster it goes?

or is that bit torrent something?

2003-11-07 21:11:23 ET


2003-11-08 07:47:41 ET

the best thing that happened to file sharing since broadband internet

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