today is the day!!!
2003-11-04 09:49:32 ET

we got to Best Buy 'round 10:45

...this was taken only minutes ago!(*11:25?)

when i *tried* to take it away he 1/2 way woke up and got REALLY fussy!

too cute!

2003-11-04 10:22:15 ET

awwww thats so funny where the heck do u live that u are already wearing that much winter clothing

2003-11-04 10:28:20 ET

portand, OR. its currently 40 degrees outside :P

karen picked that up for Gabriel this morning too. i hadnt seen it yet. great movie.. very impressed. i liked it more then he did i think

2003-11-04 10:41:37 ET

lol figures it usually works that way parents are like that

2003-11-04 20:39:11 ET

his bed looks fucking awsome...what is it?

2003-11-04 20:43:42 ET

its one of those little tikes car beds right?

2003-11-04 22:25:12 ET

yup a VW BUG

2003-11-05 06:43:41 ET

we almost got one of those for gabriel.

we got one of the racecar type ones instead.

2003-11-05 07:50:37 ET

i wish they made those in adult size...

2003-11-05 10:10:21 ET

they make the racecar ones in adult size

2003-11-05 13:02:51 ET

that's adooorable

and rightly so, if i had a copy of that movie i wouldn't let anyone snatch it away from me either!

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