2003-11-07 19:49:52 ET

so i am driving almost 150mi tommorow for a movie.
Not only for a copy for me...but copies to put on ebay.

Here's the math:

DVD = $9./ea.
ebay = $50. or more/ea.

see why the drive is worth it??

2003-11-07 20:02:45 ET

what movie!?

2003-11-07 20:10:00 ET

yeah what movie :d

2003-11-07 20:22:10 ET


2003-11-07 20:23:19 ET


that movie looks wicked good
i watched battle royale I today

and i've been reading the battle royale manga.

good stuff. i'll probably just dl it though

2003-11-07 20:26:14 ET

btw ... i thought it hasn't come out yet ... even in japan

well it won't come out here but you know what i mean

2003-11-07 21:07:10 ET

battle royal has yet to be seen by my eyes...but my ass is so behind the times...

2003-11-07 21:12:11 ET

it's been out since JULY 3rd in JAPAN

2003-11-07 21:31:50 ET

oh haha

every site i look on about it, there are always trailers so i assumed that it wasn't out yet.

looks damn good though, i have the theatrical trailer on my comp

2003-11-08 20:44:33 ET


I want!!

I loved BR1!


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