dis' sum funny azz shite
2003-11-10 22:10:32 ET


this guy has got to be the biggest knob i have ever came across.

2003-11-10 22:15:44 ET

"I am a recognized national recording artist"

maybe it's because i'm sheltered but i've never heard of him...

2003-11-10 22:18:18 ET

ahaha priceless. looks like old chachi needs to be beat over the head with a NOBODY GIVES A FUCK stick.

2003-11-10 22:23:35 ET

I agree with the Rust. What is this? Designer circuit bending? I've never heard of that dude, and his appearance in XLR8R magazine does not impress me.

2003-11-10 22:26:40 ET

i like how he's selling the most mundane instrument possible. hello, the painting and gluing shit on is half of the appeal, qball! dont spout off about authenticity and "artistic integrity" when fact is you're probably just too lazy and uncreative to cleverly mod the case.

2003-11-10 23:38:19 ET

his ability to maintain... classic :::hint of sarcasm:::

2003-11-11 07:14:23 ET

With a name Like Chachi, i bet he:

1. ((STILL))lives in his folks basement
2. eats, drinks, and breathes 'RPG'
3. thinks cuz' he was a 'Xlr8r' coverboy he'll get laid....

But what REALLY gets me is how he attacks the artistic side of bending when in his auction sez':" I have a respect for the history and tradition of circuit-bending and pioneers like Q.R. Ghazala. I believe that these instruments are nothing less than post-technology folk instruments, not just some noisey gimmick."

Well, if you look at [http://www.anti-theory.com ]Q.R. Ghazala's[/url] work, ALL of his stuff is HIGHLY decorated and sells for 100's of dollars. Q.R. Ghazala is basically the godfather of the art...I wonder what he thinks of this 'Tool' cashing in like this and being such a loud-mouth silly boy bitch!?!?

I Really want to email him and start something....but i know it'll more trouble than it's worth((*also could hurt my sales which i don't need cuz' i live off of them))

On a funny note:
I listed a Bent Speak and Spell yesterday....


Decorated & all.

Joni may love Chachi...
but that show is over.

2003-11-11 07:32:43 ET

decorated always looks better...this guy deffinately has nothing on youre shit...

2003-11-11 07:59:06 ET

thanks, altho' i don't look at it as a competition. Sure there's that element...(*this may sound a lil' pompus) but i know whatever i make will sell. Why? BECAUSE of that artistic implement. That "uniqueness."
I don't feel like that what I am doing is "unique" per se...I feel i have "good" ideas((along w./ bad)) but to sit there and be such a arrogant asshole(as said "CHACHI") i do feel he needs a good grilling.
You should see how bad the 'Benders Groups/boards' are tearing him apart...yikkkes!

2003-11-11 08:13:06 ET

i agree that there's something just especially galling about ebay sellers who underhandedly insult their competition within an item description. i've seen this a lot in the online fake hair "industry" and it's just fucking sleazy, and will generally just cause everyone in the community to roll their eyes and laugh and point at you.

basically your work in whatever you're hawking should speak for itself - your instrument, hair fall, or whatever should be its own selling point rather than "i don't glue crap on the case like OTHER benders!" or "i don't put the dreads on elastic like OTHER hair sellers!" blah blah etc. it's just unprofessional. and silly.

2003-11-12 07:43:43 ET

Cosmetics are a plus if you're willing to invest the time into them, it brings out the of the signature of the bender. I have a bent DR-110 which is prime and doesn't have a facelift, although the bonus points lie in the fact that it has a hot toggle box giving it the "timebomb" look.

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