dis' sum funny azz shite pt.2
2003-11-13 07:22:10 ET

I have a feeling this is just the start of the hilarity!


seems like "T.I." is the "ONLY" way to go.
or only way he can go.

Not to be(heh) 'overly cruel...'

anybody want to start a "CHACHI FAN-CLUB?!"
It would be really e-z to start a yahoo group.
C'mon let's support a bender!

I'm full of all sortsa piss and vinegar towards this 'tool'

2003-11-13 08:01:13 ET

id prefer to support benders with more imagination and artistic talent that go beyond ti's and casio sampling synths...

2003-11-13 08:11:10 ET

i'll join if it's created and i'm not afraid to dish out hell.

2003-11-13 08:19:44 ET

whenever you are ready to trust me w./ a pedal....
*letmme know.

2003-11-13 08:33:31 ET

could i trust you to modify a kit theremin?

2003-11-13 08:48:02 ET

what are you looking to have done? and what type of kit?

2003-11-13 08:54:21 ET

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2572629148&category=1287 it's a really basic/simple kit, i'm not too familiar with doing mods myself. possibly something involving optics or distortion.

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