2003-11-17 13:12:28 ET

I don't know where i am heading....but i do know i am happy.

2003-11-17 13:20:17 ET

well that's good to hear. fluoxetine helps me

2003-11-17 13:21:38 ET

that is damn good news!

2003-11-17 13:22:02 ET

I dont know either, but good for you. :)

2003-11-17 16:11:29 ET

I think I know how you feel.

So what brought this feeling on?

2003-11-17 16:17:20 ET

i think a big part of this feeling(*as every artist gets time and again...)is the minimal effort with production of great outcome...

That, and my b-day is close and I *STILL* don't know what i wanna be when/if I grow up.

2003-11-18 13:57:03 ET

it's nice to feel that innate happiness.

When you grow up you're going to retire.

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