2003-11-19 08:12:05 ET

very cool!

2003-11-19 08:23:25 ET

yeah i keep seeing advertisements for it

i don't really know what you do in the game though

i'm too busy playing FFX-2 anyway!

2003-11-19 08:40:08 ET

That game is gonna rock! You are a serial killer and this guy goes around with you and video tapes you murdering people.

2003-11-19 08:45:44 ET

i have no clue....but i looks exceptional
*may break down and get a PS2 finally!

2003-11-19 09:58:21 ET

you can't go wrong with suffocating people with a plastic bag. it looks alot like Running man Vs. Man Bites Dog.

2003-11-20 11:47:17 ET talked me into it.

2003-11-20 11:53:13 ET

I played it lastnight and WOW!! first game i've played where you can choke someone down and knock their head off with a baseball bat...splattering crimson pixels on the wall.

2003-11-21 12:27:11 ET

it's murderriffic!

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