2003-11-21 13:10:20 ET

the combination of POP TARTS and PBR a crime?

2003-11-21 13:12:26 ET

it SHOULD be.


2003-11-21 13:21:04 ET

oh hell no.

bring it on.

2003-11-21 13:33:38 ET

pbr and poptarts are yummy goodness on their own...

i'm just not convinced of the power of the combination.

2003-11-21 13:34:41 ET

no, but i cant image it tastes very good.

2003-11-21 14:09:51 ET

that has to be the breakfast of joke. props to you!

2003-11-21 14:38:17 ET

no, but burning poptarts in a microwave and making a whole building reek of the smoke is....morons across the hall....

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