Drunken' Debautchery!!!
2003-11-24 08:10:08 ET

I partied my ass off....i think i may have left it in Seattle!!!

2003-11-24 09:01:45 ET

looks like a good time

does that first girls tattoo's on her hands say "MORE GORE" ?

thats awesome haha

2003-11-24 10:32:03 ET

red haired chick's hair...>OMG mm.

2003-11-24 16:30:20 ET

Hel is the sweetest!


2003-11-24 16:32:54 ET

but what did you leave in seattle

i am the stupid and don't understand.

2003-11-24 16:40:42 ET



2003-11-24 16:48:18 ET

damn, does it feel weird to sit down?

2003-11-25 09:48:06 ET

lil' boney...

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