2004-07-02 06:57:05 ET

I lost my virginity last nite...

*got your attention>??? *


Do you ever feel you have posted a really good post and also feel you haven't gotten enough RE: to it but are ready to tell of the AWESOME going ons that have happened since last post?!?!

*raises and shakes hand violently!!!*


In the course of 5 hrs.(6-11pm) everything was just perfect!!!

Heather got home 'round 6-ish and we went to Vita's for dinner. After dinner, we drove thru the country hills of CAMAS Wa. and found a nice secluded road(*think creepy thick underbrush ala EVIL DEAD) and *Christened* the back seat of the DODGE.
Thus, de-virginizing me as i have NEVER had sex in a car!(*swear to gawwwwd!!!)

We then drove down to town (15mi???) and stopped at a gas station so i could the bathroom. When i came out, Heather was in the car still and this other convertible '65 Dodge is next to mine with it's owner drooling over my car....

Come to find out he's one of the chapter heads of the NAT'L SLANT 6 Club(type of engine )

We chat for a bit and he announces he wants to sponsor me to be in the club!!!


To shorten this rambling...
I come home, found a message from a REALLY good friend that announces he has found work! (YAY! - he just got over addiction - makes me sooo happy!)

...and then more yummi sex.


2004-07-02 07:29:16 ET

haha, congratulations!

2004-07-02 07:53:49 ET

my envy of your day is IMMENSE

2004-07-02 08:05:04 ET


2004-07-02 08:08:50 ET

dang! Go you!

2004-07-02 08:14:36 ET

at the request of Heather....

there will be another long drive tonite!


I am driving my car in my 1st NW CLUB Cruise July 11th!!!

2004-07-02 08:20:10 ET


thank you for giving me a new mission in life...


2004-07-02 08:22:24 ET


Nothing sez: 'style & comfort' like a Dodge DART...

I don't wanna get too desript, but the way the seats fold fwd is AWESOME!

2004-07-02 08:23:41 ET

eh i get the decision of a '04 cavalir or a '91 buick.


not as lucky as SOME PEOPLE, i see....lol.

2004-07-02 08:24:26 ET

i hear Buicks to have good shocks tho'!


2004-07-02 08:28:34 ET

ooo glad to hear!

~i'm planning right now~


2004-07-02 08:43:15 ET

I drive a '90 buick LeSabre.
The backseat is huge.
and it all works out in the end.

Especially when the cop shines the flashlight in your window. =)

2004-07-02 08:49:54 ET

that's awesome. yeah, i guess my backseat is sorta roomy.. not as good as FOLDING DOWN SEATS... but i'm sure i'll manage..

2004-07-02 09:04:22 ET


2004-07-02 15:36:38 ET

Bravo, Bravo.

Ya My truck has seat belt clips that stick out of the seat and don't fold down : (

But I do have a tail gate I can drop ; )

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