2004-11-11 14:41:48 ET

I'm over it...moving on.

I'm going to go out and have fun!
Raise HELL!
Raise CAIN!

I am fixin' my car sat. morn...
and letmme tell you this:

I'm single.
Good lookin.
and drive a kick ass car.

Sounds conceded>?

So fucking what!

Now is my time!

.....Look out!

2004-11-11 15:17:46 ET

FUCK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-11-12 04:14:47 ET

... and you're a genius circuit bender.... too bad I have a bf and live across the country... damn damn damn!!!!

2004-11-12 15:58:18 ET


2004-11-13 05:40:13 ET

Well, its TRUE!

2004-11-13 06:51:53 ET

*blushes again!*

You are waaay to sweet doll!

2004-11-16 21:22:11 ET

rawk glad yer feeling better...and well if i know any single girls that wont drive you up the wall...ill send them yer way...

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