into the "ARENA"
2004-12-08 10:33:26 ET

I woke up this morning to an email from Duran Duran's producer/studio tech/and all around awesome guy!

"What dates do you need passes for and how many?"

I'm going to the SPOKANE WA/SEATTLE WA/PORTLAND ORE/and *maybe* the VANCOUVER B.C. dates....

awesome or what?

2004-12-08 10:44:18 ET

WOW, go you!!!!

2004-12-08 11:06:40 ET

that's awesome, I didn't even know they were coming to Van. I might just have to go to that.

2004-12-08 11:07:59 ET


Thanks You!

2004-12-08 11:45:14 ET

That fucking rocks.

2004-12-08 18:58:56 ET

OMG sooo gunna be there at the spokane date.. when is it so i can get time off from work?

2004-12-09 08:51:39 ET

my real queation in the hell do you get all these free passes?

2004-12-09 16:19:35 ET

i'm special, and ride the short bus....membership has it's privlidges. ;)

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