2004-12-22 08:04:56 ET

I fucking CAN'T stand the way Owen Wilson talks. He sounds like a nasaly, whiney, bitch.

On other news...

I got my 1st sitting done on my throat piece done...

Kids, let me tell ya...
if i had another throat to ink up i would never offer up my adam's apple EVER again.

2004-12-22 08:46:43 ET

I can only imagin how bad that would sting. eep

2004-12-22 09:11:41 ET

i can't stand owen wilson in general. or will farrell, either.

2004-12-22 09:36:12 ET

pictures! pictures!!!!

2004-12-22 13:24:58 ET

Heres a pic I took just before the top spider webbing was done.

shoulda taken one more when it was done.

2004-12-22 16:41:12 ET

that? is sweet.

i hate owen wilsons voice too..and his face.. and yet i have an inexplicable, tiny crush on him.

actually i take it back, i just have a crush on Eli from royal tennenbaums. owen wilson can still suck a dick.

2004-12-23 06:01:28 ET

Did I mention that you're freaking HOT??!?!

2004-12-23 20:55:32 ET

heheheh i have my moments of...erm? "hotness"?????

2004-12-26 08:47:47 ET

still sweet

2004-12-27 04:20:07 ET

that reminds me, when I get a chance in a few weeks, I'll have a fun surprise for you

2004-12-27 10:56:57 ET

coller bone ouch.

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