time for catch-up
2005-01-05 08:37:06 ET

ahhh yes...

the next few days are going to be full of:
Rest, relaxation, plenty of fluids(juice), circuit bending, and snuggles with the boy.

I have a cold i need to shake by fri so i can make it to LOS GATOS LOCOS in Seattle on friday

2005-01-05 08:57:44 ET

You're really gonna be up here?

2005-01-05 08:59:22 ET

Yes, for a show then off to a hotel.

2005-01-05 11:02:52 ET

if you have a cold then drink alot of tea with honey and eat lemons =)

2005-01-05 16:28:40 ET

Yeah,it's going around.It seems that every where I turn,someone's sneezing in my face...Hope you feel better:}

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