2005-02-04 10:34:22 ET

Where to start....

My world of circuit bending is a bitter one this morning.

1st off...
While going thru my feedbacks on ebay i come across this:
a positive feedback:
+ awesome instrument. professional grade craftsmanship
Buyer dadoherty ( 28) Dec-12-04 20:42 3756043097
With a Follow-up:
Follow-up by dadoherty: i take it back. amateur at best. used bad wire. had to resolder cause he cant. Jan-12-05 13:17

If you look at said auction, it states:
"These units come with an instruction guide and 1yr. warranty(parts & labor)"
-I am more than capable admitting fault and fixing mistakes or repairing items...The motherfucker even said "awesome instrument?!"
I have since emailed him and tore him a new one for being a snarky cunt and trying t cut me down on the feedback. I also stated: "if he thinks he God's gift to a soldering station" why the fuck didn't you build one yerself and save $60. or so dollars and my wraith?!?!?

After listing an item today:

I get this email from this well-respected bender(i won't say who) bitching cuz i used the term: "BENTSTRUMENT"
-He "claims" he has this term Copywritted?
and called them as well...
ha! nothing!
Not only that, but who the hell would give a patent on a patent for toys that have been deface and ALREADY HAVE patents and/or copywrights?
I am NOT gonna mention this bender's name -YET.
Because i do have respect for him and his excuse me: "BENTSRUMENTS"
But don't fucking try to bullshit me.
I'll see thru it.

-back to soldering....

2005-02-04 18:26:01 ET

what a bunch of bitches...maybe after im done playing with them in their original state, i may have to hand over the hit stix to you and see where you could go with them...

2005-02-04 21:50:57 ET

Hit Stix?...mwhahahhaaha!
-Oh the sickness!!!!

2005-02-05 09:01:17 ET

yeah i got them rubberband in this bundle with a cool mic that acts more like a contact mic, though i think i broke that litterally dragging it around town for my next cdr...for $4 at goodwill...
i also found a yamaha dx100 (fm synthesis) for $14 at goodwill...
more and more my goodwill instrument collection if they only sold pedals...

2005-02-07 13:04:24 ET

dang! wish our goodwill rocked out like that

where'd you get those hammond parts - thats kick ass!

2005-02-07 17:15:11 ET

i found'em a yr. or so ago at the Goodwill 'buy it by the pound'
-quite a score!

2005-02-07 23:43:48 ET

yeah weve got a great selection of thrift action out here...

lets see i frequent about 3 different goodwills, on on 99e is nice and huge...
theres value village, which is more of miss than hit...but sometimes worth checking out...
desseret (sp?) industries...mormons with good selection of furniture...

but yeah goodwill pdx kicks some ass...

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