2006-12-15 14:09:08 ET

So, while hanging xmas ornaments about a week ago I dropped one on a box my 5y.o. Ashton had lined up of character onranaments and
he exclaimed:

"Jesus Dad! Be careful!"

I asked him what he said and he kept saying: "I said nothing, i said nothing(to avoid trouble)....

-I heard it plain as i asked him.."What do you know about Jesus...?"

His reply: "Jesus died on the cross-walk"

too damn funny eh?!

I mean as many times you warn the wee-ones about 'Looking both ways' and 'Only cross @ a Cross-Walk' it ends up being recycled into what his Grandma may have said to him about the Hippie Bastard Zombie Messiah.

Jesus Died on the cross walk...

Look both ways kids, look both ways.....

2006-12-15 14:21:45 ET

hahaha that is too funny!

2006-12-15 14:29:10 ET


2006-12-15 16:21:00 ET

oh my god,that's royal..what an awesome answer

2006-12-15 16:28:46 ET

Wow...that makes me want to have children!

2007-01-01 07:17:38 ET

Safe AND funny - good qualities for a kid to have these days!

2007-02-21 08:25:50 ET

thats hilarious.

2007-12-17 07:15:45 ET

I miss you, Whoreface. :(

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