Friggin' in the riggin'
2005-05-11 13:15:44 ET

I suppose I should write something in here. I just started one of these because live journal is boring me.

Lets see, school has sucked recently. I think I make it worse than it could be. My grades are laughable, I bitch out teachers because I'm oh so badass, I've skipped alot these past few weeks. I just can't wait till summer.

I'm grounded untill school lets out. I've had no phone or anything. I guess i deserved it though. Maybe I'll lay off the pot from now on, probably not. I don't learn sometimes.

Anyways, I should take and post new pics soon.

I think I'll update later.

2005-05-11 13:26:37 ET


2005-05-11 13:36:37 ET

Welcome to the asylum =)

sk is MUCH less annoying than LJ. kinda a gated community =p

2005-05-12 16:46:42 ET

Oh & hey, I am from mass to. Newton.

2005-05-13 01:15:02 ET

Welcome welcome welcome!

2005-05-13 12:55:39 ET

Welcome to SK :)

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