2005-05-13 12:24:14 ET

Today I brought my strawberry shortcake lunch box to school and ate some hummus. It's the simple things in life.

Oh and Stars Wars comes out May 19, go see it. You know you want to.

2005-05-15 10:16:38 ET

hummus is my lifeblood. my rabbi's wife makes it from scratch and it's friggin amazing.

2005-05-15 14:05:17 ET

homemade hummus, sounds delicious

bring me some, we'll have a party :)

2005-05-15 18:33:39 ET

hehe, sounds tempting. :-) my friend actually just brought me some homemade falahfel left over from Israeli independence day, which is insane.
...soo full of chickpeas...

2005-05-16 10:54:11 ET

I've never had falahfel, sounds good though.

We'll have a hummus and falahfel party, hehe it'd be a good time.

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