All lost in the supermarket
2005-05-18 13:54:59 ET

I got thrown out of class today.

I'm starting to buy concert tickets for the summer. Can't wait.

I'm watching Seinfeld.

Oh what an exciting life.

2005-05-18 14:00:47 ET

I really don't like Seinfeld.
I wish I'd get kicked out of work half an hour early.

Why did you get kicked out of class?

2005-05-18 14:29:36 ET

Seinfeld is an aquired taste, after all it's the show about nothing.

People were putting problems on the board, so i took out a mirror because i thought i got pen on my face...and she was like PUT IT AWAY, YOU ARE SO RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!!! And of course i had to give some she told me to just get out because she didn't want to deal with me..Ha silly suburban high schools.

What a lame ass reason to get kicked out huh?

2005-05-18 16:04:42 ET

I like your car.

Chevy Celebrity, non?

2005-05-19 11:08:49 ET

Haha yeah, it was only 500 bucks :)

2005-05-19 12:07:49 ET


Hear that, hun?

2005-05-19 12:47:57 ET

Hah, it's a piece of shit, but hey it drives :P

2005-05-24 23:30:39 ET

you bad ass, you ;-)

2005-05-25 09:27:40 ET

I hear, I hear.

2005-05-25 10:43:11 ET

Oh don't worry i'll drive you all around in it, its a sexxxy car

2005-05-25 10:44:48 ET

And Caleb you hottie ;)

I'm sooo badass

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