2005-06-27 15:08:26 ET


2005-06-27 16:26:39 ET

Does anyone ever comment on your post? Well, let me be the first. I dig some of your taste in music and I play guitar too. I also hate mosquitos. So much in common, let's knock boots girl!

2005-06-27 16:29:18 ET

I only noticed your journal because of the car on your avatar. I wish I had wheels as solid looking as that. It's a chevy, right? I feel sooo lucky to have my little honda but I would give it up for a four door in a pinch.

2005-06-28 14:43:05 ET

Yeah, People comment, just not recently i suppose.

Seems like we do have some things in common :)

Yep Chevy celebrity. Sexy shit right there.

2005-06-28 14:58:12 ET

A celebrity? NO WAY! My parents owned a '85 celebrity station wagon. It wasn't a bad ride during it's hayday but my parents had it junked a couple of months ago. It was taking space in our driveways for over 2 years. I can't remember why it stopped running. My father thought he heard the piston snap and that was it. Well, it lasted atleast 10 or 12 years. My parents upgraded to a lumina back in '95 just when the celebrity turned 10.

2005-06-28 15:03:04 ET

My brother has a lumina. He got it and gave me the celebrity. Hahah so much in common.

2005-06-28 15:59:08 ET

So far, so good. Now, lets talk guitars. Name your piece!

2005-06-28 17:12:09 ET

I hate them, I wish they would all die.


2005-06-30 10:26:41 ET

I have a martin acoustic
And a Taylor big baby

2005-06-30 15:50:47 ET

I gotttt, 1 westone bass, 1 yamaha acoustic, 1 strat annnnd some bongos (These have gotta count ;) )

2005-06-30 16:11:21 ET

Ibanez AS73 hollow body. Best guitar EVER! Let's not forget about my mother's Yamaha nylon string classical.

2005-07-01 09:29:44 ET

nice. nice.

I have two electrics also, a Gibson Les Paul, and a strat as well.

Jordy of course bongos count ;)

You guys can come jam with me ♥

2005-07-01 17:12:19 ET

A GIBSON LES PAUL!!!!?!!?! You rich girl you!!! ...is it a classic, special or a custom?

2005-07-02 12:32:28 ET


What can I say I spend the bucks on what i love.

2005-07-05 11:19:40 ET

Wow. I happen to stumble on a picture of a car very similar to mine, so I decide to take a look into this person's blog. Now you guys are talking about guitars, and a les paul and yamaha acoustic no less. I'm shocked. That's part of my rig. I also run a fender strat with jeff beck noseless pickups (I hate it but i tolerate it because it's shiny) an el degas bass, a fender precision bass, three classicals including an spanish alahambra, kiso suzuki and a yamaha, and a ukulele, which I use for metal. What kinda amps are you guys running for all your fancy electrical gear?

And tetesuro, I'd trade my oldsmobile for your honda anytime.

2005-07-07 11:52:45 ET

Yay, another person with things in common.

I have two fender amps and a marshall.

A fender 212R guitar combo amp
A fender blonde blues amp
A marshall 15 watt

You have a ukulele, thats awesome. Oh i'm Jamie by the way. Nice to meet ya

2005-07-07 13:12:11 ET

Check out sk user firebird.

I plug into my 15 watt roland cube.

2005-07-08 16:24:12 ET

hey...i've got a blonde fender blues deluxe! They're really nice comboed with a les paul.

Oh... name's skip.

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