2005-08-11 12:32:27 ET

I'm going away on vacation, I'm leaving tomorrow night.

See you all in two weeks.

2005-08-11 12:34:30 ET

im gonna miss ya

2005-08-11 17:57:46 ET

thanks sweetie <3

2005-08-11 20:35:52 ET

have fun!

2005-08-11 22:37:03 ET

Soo... You're not coming to my party on the 20th?! =P

2005-08-12 05:37:41 ET

I'm going away tonight untill the 19th, coming back the 20th, then going away the 21-25

If i have time thermo I will come see you and give you a big birthday hug ;)

2005-08-12 17:51:38 ET

My party's the afternoon, evening, and night of the 20th, so I guess you'll miss it unless you want to lose sleep. Subsonik and I are going to try to have some sort of SK get-together soon, so make it to that if you can't get to my b-day. Birthday hugs are always nice. =D

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