2005-09-14 16:48:01 ET

I'm sick.

Can't breath.

Vapo-rub is my best friend.

2005-09-14 17:18:22 ET


2005-09-14 18:00:24 ET


2005-09-15 08:33:04 ET

I thought you were a guy, hehehe dunno why. Just saw the pics. Nevermind.
Vick VapoRub is pretty much useless for me. Bbesides, it leaves me blind, makes me wanna scratch behind my eyes..

2005-09-15 09:01:25 ET

you know you put it on your chest and not your face right?

2005-09-15 09:28:51 ET

Yeah, a pretty sucky cold

hardskapunk- Hahah, nope i'm very much a girl :P

Sub- tea would be nice right now

2005-09-16 09:42:32 ET

i had one this monday
still kind of weird sounding

2005-09-16 09:46:53 ET

I sound like a boy going through puberty :(

2005-09-17 17:16:43 ET

Same here

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