2005-09-29 12:01:50 ET

It's freezing in my house.

2005-09-29 12:27:45 ET

um, warmer clothes, perhaps? like a nice comfy sweater or something.... heh

2005-09-29 16:42:58 ET

That's what a Booze-Jacket is for!

2005-09-29 19:25:16 ET


2005-09-30 08:49:42 ET

You know, after you've had a few, the invisible jacket that you can't take off and keeps you warm no matter what the weather is like. =P

2005-09-30 09:33:06 ET


2005-10-07 10:49:57 ET

i love the booze jacket seems like im always wearing one i mean what

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