2005-10-09 14:40:25 ET

Went to see Serenity last night. The movie was packed, had to park in a different lot, because everyone sees a movie when its pouring.

I'm having a great weekend, yet not doing much of anything. Been hanging out with this amazing guy i just met a few weeks ago.

Hows everyone elses weekend going?

2005-10-09 15:16:22 ET

amazing guy ...in wilmington? thats like going against the laws of physics

2005-10-09 15:27:14 ET

Hahaha no of course hes not from Wilmington. Amazing guys don't exist here.

2005-10-09 15:31:00 ET

haha...i should have known

2005-10-09 16:09:53 ET

Just finished, back to school, sigh.


2005-10-31 08:42:04 ET

what'd you think of serenity?

2005-11-01 09:29:59 ET

I actually liked it but thats because I've seen the series it was based on (firefly). I dont think I really would have like it otherwise

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